FIGO global webinar: Stitching the gap between environmental effects and women's health

Recorded on Thursday 20 April 2023


This FIGO webinar was organised by the Committee on Climate Change and Toxic Environmental Exposures to celebrate World Earth Day and highlighted the detrimental effects of environmental toxins on women’s health. This webinar touched on the different health impacts of environmental hazards, primarily preterm births and cancer, and looked at mitigations of these hazards through adequate family planning and contraception. Finally, the webinar focused on the collaborative efforts of FIGO and HEAL for the prevention of environmental toxins and the promotion of educational strategies.

Language: English


Prof Ditas D. Decena, Chair of FIGO's Committee on Climate Change and Toxic Environmental Exposures, Philippines

Prof Ramkumar Menon, USA

Dr Aparna Sridhar, Chair of FIGO's Committee on Contraception, USA

Dr Tali Pomerantz, USA

Ms Natacha Cingotti, Belgium