FGM 'violates the rights of girls'

The rights of girls in Ghana are being violated when they suffer female genital mutilation, officials have stated.

According to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, the procedure discriminates against young women and is a form of abuse.

However, municipal officer for the Bawku area Haruna Alhassan insisted the government is working to clamp down on female genital mutilation.

For instance, he said laws have been introduced in order to tackle this continuing problem.

Mr Alhassan was speaking after non-governmental organisation ActionAID Ghana said many of those who carry out the procedure are trying to find ways to circumvent the rules.

This includes sending girls to places such as Togo and Burkina Faso, so perpetrators are unable to be punished under the rules in Bawku.

The Commission's views reflect those of the World Health Organization, which has described female genital mutilation is a violation of the rights of young girls and women, as well as a procedure that offers no medical benefits.
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