FIGO Cancer Report 2021

FIGO and IJGO are delighted to announce the publication of the highly anticipated FIGO Cancer Report 2021.

cancer report cover image

The FIGO Committee for Gynecologic Oncology has published the FIGO Cancer Report 2021 in the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics—coinciding with the 2021 FIGO World Congress. The FIGO Cancer Report 2021 contains 11 chapters which focus on the diagnosis, surgical, and non-surgical management of the main gynecological cancers, as well as international efforts to eradicate certain gynecological cancers and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gynecological cancer care.

The FIGO Cancer Report has been published triennially since 2012 by the FIGO Committee for Gynecologic Oncology, with the aim of presenting state of the art recommendations and guidance in the field of gynecology. The committee strives to assess the management and treatment of gynecological cancers with a holistic approach—it believes in capacity building and that the dissemination of training and information is vital for ensuring that all gynecologists receive the benefit of continuous medical education and skill enhancement.

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The FIGO Cancer Report 2021 contains updates on the management of gynecological cancers combined with pertinent papers on gynecological oncology. The Report is also the conduit where changes to the FIGO staging of cancers are reported, and this year’s Cancer Report presents the revised FIGO staging for carcinoma of the vulva. The updates are based on an improved evidence-based staging process, simplified and aligned with the clinical care of patients while retaining the prognostic implications of staging.

The FIGO Cancer Report 2021 seeks to enable all of FIGO's members to update their knowledge and seek opportunities for further training. In doing so, our members will have the confidence and knowledge to ensure that all women get the standard of care they deserve.

The chapters in the FIGO Cancer Report 2021 are as follows:

  1. Cancer of the vulva: 2021 update
  2. Cancer of the vagina: 2021 update
  3. Cancer of the cervix uteri: 2021 update
  4. Cancer of the corpus uteri: 2021 update
  5. Cancer of the ovary, fallopian tube, and peritoneum: 2021 update
  6. Diagnosis and management of gestational trophoblastic disease: 2021 update
  7. COVID-19 and the impact on gynecologic cancer care
  8. Worldwide initiatives to eliminate cervical cancer
  9. Progress in the pathological arena of gynecological cancers
  10. Reaching the women with the greatest needs: Two models for initiation and scale-up of gynecologic oncology fellowship trainings in low-resource settings
  11. Obesity and gynecological cancers: A toxic relationship

Watch Sean Kehoe, Chair of the FIGO Committee for Gynecologic Oncology, introducing the FIGO Cancer Report 2021: