WHO Launch the Cervical Cancer Elimination Strategy

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In August 2020, the 73rd World Health Assembly passed a resolution calling for the elimination of cervical cancer, and adopted a strategy to achieve this. Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) marks this historic announcement by officially launching the elimination strategy. The strategy sets goals for all countries to achieve 90% HPV vaccination coverage, 70% screening coverage and 90% access to treatment by the year 2030.

During our 2018 World Congress we publicly declared that we will undertake efforts to support the promotion of the following actions for impact for girls and women worldwide:

  • Advocate for national cervical cancer strategies which align with the global call to elimination
  • Establish capacity building efforts to expand the knowledge and skills of our membership to contribute to national elimination programmes
  • Contribute expertise to the emerging elimination programme of work, particularly supporting WHO updates of guidelines and technical guidance
  • Harness FIGO collaborations and partnerships to promote cervical cancer elimination efforts in the context of overall wellbeing of women

Today, we reaffirm our commitment to this global cause, and are delighted to have expert FIGO representatives actively contributing to the WHO’s work in cervical cancer elimination. 

FIGO members are embedded on the frontlines of global health, and together are committed to solving the preventable tragedy of cervical cancer by 2030. Our global reach can help to facilitate the delivery of national projects, integrated within broader sexual and reproductive health services, resulting in a global initiative. We call on our Member Societies and colleagues globally to join us in celebrating this launch, and to continue to work towards the elimination of cervical cancer.