Smoking 'raises early menopause risk'

Smoking raises the risk of a woman going through the menopause early, recent research shows. According to a study by researchers at Imperial College London, smokers are the most at risk from early menopause, along with those from the lowest social classes.

Flaxseed 'doesn't cure hot flushes during menopause'

Menopausal women suffering from hot flushes will find no benefit in taking flaxseed, a new study has revealed. Researchers in the US also found that breast cancer patients suffering from similar symptoms would not find a cure in the form of crushed flaxseed.

Menopause age 'can be predicted'

Scientists have established a way to predict when a woman will begin the menopause. Researchers in the Netherlands said they hope the prediction will help women decide the age at which they have children. Some 257 women were monitored for 11 years for the research, which analysed levels of the anti...

Earlier menopause for women with hip osteoporosis

Women who have osteoporosis in their hip tend to go through the menopause earlier than healthy women, a new study has found. As well as this finding, researchers from the University of Granada, Spain, also discovered at least three genetic markers which are associated with osteoporosis in the hip...

Inadequate diet 'linked with anaemia in postmenopausal women'

Postmenopausal women who have an inadequate diet are at an increased risk of developing anaemia, even if they take nutritional supplements, new research suggests.

Meditation 'improves lives of menopausal women'

Menopausal women suffering from hot flushes who undertake mindfulness classes have improved quality of life, new research has revealed.

Post-menopausal women 'should increase dental check-up frequency'

Women who have gone through the menopause should be having dental health check-ups more than twice a year, new research has suggested. Researchers from the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic in the US looked at the long-term impact of bone-...

Acupuncture 'could take the edge off menopause symptoms'

Women suffering from severe menopausal symptoms could benefit from acupuncture, a new study has revealed. The practice could help alleviate the severity of hot flushes and other symptoms, Norwegian scientists said.

Omega-3 fatty acids offer a boost during menopause

Capsules of omega-3 fatty acids could help women cope with some of the symptoms of the menopause, a new study has suggested. According to experts from Massachusetts General Hospital, the supplement can help fight major depressive disorder, while it can also reduce hot flushes in women during the...

Test to predict early menopause

A new test to help predict when women will enter the menopause is being developed at the UK's University of Exeter Peninsula Medical School, and the Institute of Cancer. The test will help women plan their families more effectively by making them aware of how many reproductive years they have...