Obstetric Fistula

Fistula surgery 'needed to save lives'

Sufferers of obstetric fistula need urgent treatment to allow them to wrestle their lives back, it has been claimed.

Fistula surgery provided in Ghana

Ten women suffering from obstetric fistula have been successfully treated at Bolgatanga Hospital in Ghana, it has been reported.

Fistula sufferers 'need financial support'

Government support and funding is needed to help the fistula sufferers of sub-Saharan Africa, it has been claimed.

Southern Senegal 'suffering exceptionally high fistula rates'

A lack of medical assistance during pregnancy and childbirth is leading to exceptionally high incidence rates of obstetric fistula in the southern region of Senegal, it has been reported.

Ethiopian doctor explains tragic consequences of fistula

Fistula really is "a tragedy on many levels", according to one Ethiopian surgeon...

'International efforts needed' to combat fistula

A greater commitment from governments, international organisations and health professionals is needed in order that fistulae can be prevented in the developing world, it has been claimed.

UNFPA 'continuing to combat fistula'

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) says more than 12,000 women around the world have received treatment since the introduction of its Campaign to End Fistula in 2003.

Fistula ignorance 'a silent tragedy'

A common lack of public awareness and knowledge about obstetric fistulae in the developing world has been described as "a silent tragedy"...