Structure and Governance

FIGO is registered as a charity (a non-profit organisation) in the United Kingdom. 

We are funded through subscriptions received from National Member Societies, grants, publication royalties and the proceeds of our triennial World Congress.

We are a democratic body, and our governance is set out in our Articles of Association.

A General Assembly - comprising delegates from every Member Society - meets every two years on the occasion of the World Congress, electing the Board of Trustees for the ensuing two-year period (Member Societies’ votes are cast according to a sliding scale based on membership).

The Board of Trustees – comprising the President, Vice President, President Elect, Past President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are the governing body of FIGO who also manage the business of FIGO.

The FIGO Council - comprised of representatives from 24 Member Societies and the Board of Trustees - meets at least once every year, and is also elected by free vote at the General Assembly. FIGO Council has the role of advising and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

The FIGO Secretariat in London is responsible for all administrative matters, and is the base for FIGO’s project activities.