Webinar: Costo efectividad de los anticonceptivos post-evento obstétrico durante la pandemia de COVID-19

Cost-effectiveness of post-obstetric event contraceptives during COVID-19 pandemic

Recorded: 2nd December 2020

Language: Spanish

Postpartum family planning is considered a key intervention for the reduction of maternal mortality, especially when offered to populations of high-risk pregnant women or those who survive an event of extreme maternal morbidity. In the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply of health services in the region of the Americas has been affected, specifically those related to contraception, which is why a new strategy is necessary. This Spanish webinar promotes an initiative led by FIGO that is being implemented in Latin America with the support of PAHO/WHO, aimed at promoting the application of the postpartum IUD as a cost-effective strategy, which unfortunately does not have coverage expected by the resistance of some health workers, based more on myth than reality.


Dr. Jorge Méndez Trujeque, FLASOG, Mexico


Dr. Carlos Fuchtner, FIGO President, Bolivia

Dra. Desire Mostajo, Coordinator of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Committee of FLASOG, Bolivia

Dr. Miguel Gutiérrez, Perú – Need for a new contraception strategy in the context of the pandemic in the Americas

Dra. Raffaela Schiavon, Mexico – Cost-effectiveness of postpartum contracepctión 

Dr. Pio Ivan Gomez, Colombia – IUD myths and facts


Dr. Aníbal Faundes, Brasil

Dr. Edgar Kestler, Guatemala

Dr. Jorge Vargas, República Dominicana

Dra. Laura Gil, Colombia