Webinar: Niveles de prevención de la morbimortalidad por hemorragia postparto

Levels of prevention of post partum hemorrhage morbidity and mortality

Recorded: 21 October 2021

Language: Spanish

Speakers demonstrate the interventions that can be implemented before post partum hemorrhage occurs, which are key to preventing maternal morbidity and mortality.


Dr Edgar Iván Ortiz, FLASOG, Colombia


Dr Carlos Füchtner, FIGO President, Bolivia

Dr Ricardo Fescina, Uruguay – A holistic approach from the antenatal period

Dr Jack Ludmir, USA – Recommended practices during delivery care

Dr Wendy Carcamo, Honduras – Postpartum hemorrhage intervention packages


Dr María Fernanda Escobar, Colombia)

Dr Francisco Zea, Mexico

Dr Gabriel Osanan, Brazil