Webinar: Repercusiones del medio ambiente en la salud reproductiva

Impact of the Environment on Reproductive Health

Recorded: 24th February 2021

Language: Spanish

FIGO and FLASOG look at the growing scientific evidence that supports how the environment can affect reproductive health. This webinar aims to demonstrate to gynecologists and health professionals the importance of generating actions to protect women from the damage of environmental toxins and to call upon government entities to generate public policies aimed at mitigating this damage. It addresses aspects related to the impact on sexual and reproductive health in general, and on fertility in particular, as well as highlighting the effects of the most-used toxic in Latin American countries, glyphosate. Speakers discuss the repercussions of these environmental toxins on maternal, fetal and reproductive health and puberty.


Dr Ivonne Díaz, Colombia


Dr Jeanne Conry, FIGO President Elect, USA – Endocrine disruptors and their influence on women's health

Dr Roberto Epifanio, Panamá – Current evidence of environmental impact on fertility

Dr Fabian Méndez, Colombia – Systematic review of the effects of Glyphosate on reproductive health


Dr Maria Dolores Gomez Roig, Spain

Dr Maria Mercedez Pérez, Venezuela

Dr Sergio Papier, Argentina