Webinar: Essential Women’s Health Care during COVID-19 Pandemic

Recorded: 20th May 2020

Language: English 

FIGO’s first global webinar addresses FIGO’s guidance on Essential Women’s Health Care during COVID-19 Pandemic. This webinar outlines FIGO’s response to COVID-19, new patterns of maternal health care during COVID-19 pandemic, essential services and women health care and challenges of contraceptive provision.


Dr Carlos Füchtner, FIGO President, Bolivia

Dr Jeanne Conry, FIGO President Elect, USA

Dr Faysal El Kak, FIGO Vice President and FAGOS President, Lebanon

Prof. Dame Lesley Regan, FIGO Honorary Secretary, UK

John Townsend, FIGO Committee on Contraception and Family Planning and Director of Country Strategy at the Population Council, USA