Webinar: Voices from the Frontline – Maintaining Quality Maternal Healthcare in the time of COVID-19

Recorded: 17th February 2021

Language: English

FIGO and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities that the pandemic has presented in maternal healthcare, with a focus on strategies of collaboration between midwives and obstetricians to improve service provision. The webinar begins with the experiences of two frontline midwives – one located in a low resource setting and one located in a high resource setting – both from areas that have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. It also features a senior midwife working in policy and strategy for a Midwives association, in addition to three clinicians working in OBGYN services in Brazil, Germany and the UK. 


Ann Yates, Lead Midwife Advisor at International Confederation of Midwives, New Zealand

Dr Alison Wright, FIGO Committee for Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health, UK


Dr Faysal El Kak, FIGO Vice President, Lebanon – Introduction

Neha Mankani, Pakistan – Voices from the frontline of maternal healthcare during Covid

Jenessa Payano Stark, USA – Voices from the frontline of maternal healthcare during Covid

Gill Walton, Chief Executive of RCM, UK – Collaboration and challenges in maternal healthcare

Dr Carla Andreucci Polido, Brazil – Collaboration and challenges in maternal health care, OBGYN Perspective

Dr Kim Hinshaw, UK – UKOSS update on outcomes for pregnant women requiring admission to hospital and impact of new Covid-19 variant

Prof. Frank Louwen, Germany – Strategies of collaboration