Webinar: The Prevention of Preterm Delivery

Recorded: 17th November 2020

Language: English

Recorded on World Prematurity Day 2020, this webinar underscores both the public health and medical perspectives on preventing preterm delivery. The global health perspective is covered, as well as discussions concerning cerclage, pessary and progesterone for prevention of preterm delivery. The potential treatment options and risks of medical interventions for improving pregnancy and child outcomes are also emphasized, and an example of the use of corticosteroids is given.


Professor Bo Jacobsson, Chair of FIGO Working Group for Preterm Delivery, Sweden

Dr Catalina Valencia, Member of FIGO Working Group of Preterm Delivery, Colombia


Dr Faysal El Kak, FIGO Vice President, Lebanon

Professor William Grobman, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA – Cerclage for preterm delivery prevention

Professor Ben Mol, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia – Pessary for preterm delivery prevention

Professor Lesley Stewart, University of York, UK – Progesterone for preterm delivery prevention

Professor Jane Norman, University of Bristol, UK – Corticosteroids for improvement of neonatal and child longtime outcome – possibilities and risks


Professor Andy Shennan, Kings College London, UK

Professor Joe Leigh Simpson, Florida International University, USA

Dr Ana Bianchi, University of Montevideo, Uruguay