Webinar: Women’s Healthcare: Fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic (Part Two)

A two-part webinar organised jointly by FIGO and AOFOG (Asia & Oceania Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

Recorded: Tuesday 15th June

Language: English 

Description: In Part Two of the webinar, organised jointly by FIGO and AOFOG, speakers from FIGO and AOFOG explore the impact of COVID-19 upon women's reproductive health and rights, minimally invasive surgery, and cancer. This webinar concludes with an interactive Q&A session. 


Professor Kazunori Ochiai, AOFOG President, Japan

Professor Krishnendu Gupta, Chair of AOFOG Sexual & Reproductive Health Committee, India

Dr Rohana Haththotuwa, Past Chair of FIGO Committee for Menstrual Disorders and AOFOG Secretary General, Sri Lanka

Dr Faysal El Kak, FIGO Vice President, Lebanon


Dr Ravi Chandran, Immediate Past President of AOFOG, Malaysia

Dr S. Shantha Kumari, Member of FIGO Subcommittee on Violence Against Women FIGO and Member of AOFOG SRH Committee, India


Professor Dame Lesley Regan, FIGO Honorary Secretary and RCOG Past President – Keynote: Women’s reproductive health and rights: Has COVID-19 set us back?

Professor Tsukasa Baba, Chair of AOFOG Minimally Invasive Gynaecologic Surgery Committee, Japan – Minimally invasive gynaecologic surgery – the new normal

Professor Sarikapan Wilailak, Member of FIGO Committee for Gynecologic Oncology FIGO and Chair of AOFOG Oncology Committee, Thailand – Clash of the “C’s” – Cancer and COVID