COVID-19 Data Collection - Your contribution needed!

FIGO strongly supports the collection of data on COVID19 in pregnancy and the postnatal period.

This includes the use of the WHO Clinical Data Platform, as well as International and National Databases, which are vital to our understanding of this virus and how we can collectively tackle its devastating effects.

FIGO has requested that all of our National Member Societies ensure that their members submit data so that we can learn as much as possible about the natural history of the virus, prognostic factors and any interventions which may influence the outcome.

FIGO will act as a hub to support international data collection. We will share key learning with member societies as it arises and provide a repository for data on COVID19 in pregnancy and the postnatal period, to be gathered and scrutinised for the benefit of all our member societies.

International data collection 

WHO global COVID-19 anonymised Clinical Data Platform: 

  • Funding to support this data collection is available from the Regional WHO Office.
  • Reports details of suspected or confirmed COVID 19 cases admitted to hospital/facility
  • Collects details of individual cases to permit increased knowledge of the natural history of the disease.
  • Do health care facilities use a registry?  
  • Is NOT a research database, therefore no follow up.

(i) The case report form (CRF) 

(ii) Pregnancy specific module (attached)

For more information, please see:

International Data Bases

COVI-PREG (Europe)

  • Anyone can enter data on an open-access database
  • Intended as a data-sharing tool so that everyone can enter and abstract data. 
  • Utilising REDCAP database (Research Electronic Data Capture - a browser-based, software and workflow methodology for designing clinical and translational research databases enabling the accumulation of large quantities of data), as prior experience with as experience with ZIKA.
  • Aims to characterise a course, identify risk factors, the natural history of disease and outcomes for mother and baby.
  • Any pregnancy suspected of COVID19, with or without positive results.
  • Growing network of worldwide antenatal clinics.
  • Countries with NO ability to track or create a database can use this site.

Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp)

  • Survey aimed at healthcare workers providing care to women

and their babies: antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care.

  • Survey will be distributed every 3-4 weeks to track the rapidly
  • developing situation over time. Providers are free to take part in this survey once or multiple times.

PAN-COVID (Imperial College London and Medical Research Council, London)

International Data Base with retrospective submission data by centres and clinicians.

  • Suspected or confirmed COVID-19 at any stage in the pregnancy
  • Data to include early pregnancy through to the postnatal period
  • Principal research objectives are to study in-depth:
    - Miscarriage
    - fetal growth restriction
    - stillbirth
    - preterm delivery
    - transmission of the virus from mother to baby

Centres/individuals to register their interest by clicking this link

PRIORITY; (Pregnancy Coronavirus Outcomes Registry). Currently US-based but will admit overseas data as soon as feasible.

  • Self- and physician referral with data on outcomes pregnancy and neonatal.
  • Includes 14 years old upwards and pregnancy now or within last six weeks, pyrexia unknown origin or COVID-19.
  • Currently, any site across the USA, no Institutional Review Board required and proxy consent possible for the sick.
  • Data Collection:
    • Patient questionnaire completed weekly over one month to include demographics, health history, household exposure and disease course.
    • Case note review including results of blood tests, placenta etc.

We are aware of some National Databases, and we include a preliminary list below. Please let us know of those we are missing. We will contact the Societies asking for additional information regarding these, but in the meantime, please refer to the relevant National Society Webpage - Columbia, Puerto Rico, India, Japan, Germany, France.