How to join FIGO

FIGO membersMembership is open to the national society or national federation of any country/territory representing the obstetricians and gynecologists of that country/territory.

If your country or territory’s society is not yet affiliated to FIGO and you wish to apply on behalf of your organisation for membership, the criteria for membership are as follows:


National societies or associations of obstetrics and gynecology wishing to apply for membership of FIGO must send the following documents BY POST to the FIGO President at the FIGO Secretariat:       

  • A completed application form (available here in English, French and Spanish - see accompanying information sheets below*)
  • An official letter signed by the President of the society or association requesting affiliation to FIGO
  • A report on the activities of the society or association carried out in the preceding 12 months
  • A copy (in English, French or Spanish) of the Constitution and Bye-Laws of the society or association
  • A list of names and contact details (including email addresses) of the Council/Board of the society or association
  • A complete list of names and contact details of members of the society or association
  • A declaration of the society’s or association’s intention to abide by the Constitution of FIGO
  • An undertaking to make financial contributions to FIGO in such form and within such time limits as may be decided by FIGO

*English application information sheet 

French application information sheet 

Spanish application information sheet 


Applications for membership of FIGO are reviewed by the FIGO Officers and then, assuming the FIGO Officers are supportive, reviewed by the FIGO Executive Board at its annual meeting.

Applications that are found to comply with FIGO’s regulations and objectives will be submitted by the FIGO Executive Board to the FIGO General Assembly with a recommendation for official ratification.

The FIGO General Assembly takes place every three years on the occasion of the FIGO World Congress. Between provisional acceptance by the FIGO Executive Board and official ratification at the FIGO General Assembly, the applying society or association will receive the benefits available to full members of FIGO.


Please POST your society’s application to the FIGO Secretariat:

FIGO House, Suite 3, Waterloo Court, 10 Theed Street, London SE1 8ST, UK