Age and treatment 'may impact upon cervical cancer cells'

A new study has highlighted some of the factors that may affect the development or recurrence of cervical cancer.

Reuters reports that a woman's age and the type of treatment she receives may impact upon the risk of abnormal cells becoming cancerous.

US researchers at the University of California Davis, who published the research in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, claim that older women and women treated with the cryotherapy freezing procedure are most exposed to abnormal changes in cervix cells.

Joy Melnikow, of the university, said: "We now have a much more clear idea of the risks of recurrent abnormal cells and invasive cervical cancer over time after treatment of these cells."

Last month, scientists at the University of Edinburgh, UK, discovered genetic 'brakes', which they claim could slow down or stop diseases.

A spokesperson for the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry claimed that the discovery could potentially change the way cancer is treated, but it is too early to tell how successful the discovery will prove.