Hormone raises fertility stimulation hopes

A new study indicates that the hormone kisspeptin may be able to help improve fertility treatments.

Researchers from Imperial College London, UK, led by Dr Waljit Dhillo of the Department of Investigative Medicine, found that providing kisspeptin to women with infertility can activate the release of sex hormones responsible for controlling the menstrual cycle.

Dr Dhillo claimed that infertility is a devastating condition that affects millions of couples worldwide.

He commented that the research shows that kisspeptin offers huge promise as a treatment for this condition.

Dr Dhillo added: "Our current data show that kisspeptin causes a greater increase in luteinising hormone production in non-menstruating women, than that in fertile women in the previous study.

"This is a very exciting result and suggests that kisspeptin treatment could restore reproductive function in women with low sex hormone levels."

He noted that future research would focus upon determining "the best protocol" for repeated administration of the hormone.

Dr Dhillo's team previously discovered that kisspeptin can stimulate release of reproductive hormones in healthy women.ADNFCR-2094-ID-19078522-ADNFCR