28th September - International Safe Abortion Day

The 28th of September marks the annual International Safe Abortion Day. 

Lack of access to safe abortion results in 45% of all abortions globally being unsafe. Unsafe abortion remains a catastrophic public health problem accounting for up to 13% of maternal mortality worldwide, or around 47,000 deaths, with hundreds of thousands of survivors living with long-term complications, including infertility and chronic pain. Of these unsafe abortions, 97 percent take place in South-Central Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

FIGO is working with ten National Member Societies to raise their capacity to lead advocacy on safe abortion to the extent permitted by law in their respective countries. National societies of obstetrics and gynaecology are in a unique position to be national sexual and reproductive health and rights advocates due to being respected for their technical expertise and close relationships with other partners including the Ministry of Health.

On this day each year we show solidarity with the International Safe Abortion Campaign, and our Member Societies around the world, particularly those in the countries where our Project is actively working alongside them to advocate for change. 

Scroll down for a selection of our most useful resources, including materials from our Webinar on the 24th of September, and a set of social media graphics for our Members and Partners to use to confirm their stance with FIGO and the International Safe Abortion Campaign. A Q&A will be coming soon!