Committee on Reproductive Medicine, Endocrinology and Infertility

With a 15% prevalence of subfertility globally, the FIGO Committee on Reproductive Medicine, Endocrinology and Infertility addresses the important issue of infertility in sexual and reproductive health.

The committee aims to spread worldwide awareness of infertility, preventive measures, targeted screening, and affordable and effective management. It has a special focus on the low- and middle-income countries. The committee is a group of clinicians, scientists and embryologists from around the world nominated to achieve this goal.

Committee Objectives

  • Enhancing the knowledge and skill of clinicians and embryologists to improve fertility services around the world.
  • Liaising with organisations to improve the prevention of infertility.
  • Building evidence through targeted research on effective measures for the prevention and management of infertility.
  • Capacity building and enhancing skills of holistic care teams, including nurses, counsellors and technicians.
  • Building awareness of the prevention of, and timely interventions for, infertility.

Committee Members


Dr Nikhil Purandare - Chair - Ireland


Dr Jaideep Malhotra - Past-Chair - India

Dr M Louise Hull - Australia

Dr Togas Tulandi - Canada 

Dr Andres Calle - Ecuador

Professor Akira Iwase - Japan

Dr Jakline Akol - South Sudan

Associate Members

Dr Craig Niederberger - USA

Dr Ajey Bhardwaj - USA

Dr Scott Nelson - Scotland

Dr Edgar Mocanu - Ireland

Dr Goknur Topcu - Turkey

Get in touch with the committee
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