Committee on Safe Abortion

Access and barriers to safe abortion differ from country to country around the world. In some, abortion is illegal in all aspects, while others have more liberal laws that guarantee access to safe abortion.

The Committee on Safe Abortion will work to guarantee access to safe abortion for all. The committee's main objective is to support FIGO's Member Societies with their work on sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing, with a special focus on access to legal and safe abortion.

Committee Objectives

The Committee on Safe Abortion Committee is part of the Division of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Wellbeing. This division will work to empower women to make conscious, healthy and respectful choices about their sexuality, relationships and reproductive lives, including when, if and how they wish to become pregnant.

The committee will contribute to this global work by:

  • Promoting the importance of incorporating sexual and reproductive health and rights education (including safe abortion as essential health care) into the core medical school curricula, post-graduate training and Continuous Medical Education;
  • Supporting member societies in their advocacy work to promote access to legal and safe abortion;
  • Promoting training on abortion and post abortion health care;
  • Supporting member societies to implement programmes to ensure that every woman and girl receives appropriate abortion care – including through telemedicine;
  • Supporting member societies to deliver training programmes on abortion and post abortion health care.

Committee Members


Dr Laura Gil - Colombia


Dr Teresa Bombas - Past-Chair - Portugal

Dr Helena Borges martins Da Silva Paro - Brazil

Dr Dominique Truan - Chile

Professor Tengiz Asatiani - Georgia

Dr Dan Kabonge Kaye - Uganda

Dr Sierra Washington - USA

Dr Musonda Makasa - Zambia

WATOG representative

Dr Patrice Trowbridge - USA

Associate Members

Dr Bela Ganatra - Switzerland

Dr Dhammika Perera - UK

Dr Nathalie Kapp - UK

Ms Jessica Morris - UK

Get in touch with the committee
If you'd like to get in touch with our Committee on Safe Abortion, please use the contact us link above.