Committee on Contraception

The Committee on Contraception is committed to developing information about and supporting access to comprehensive contraceptive care to enhance the lives of women and girls and to support them in fulfilling their rights to sexual and reproductive health and education.

The committee works with member societies to uphold the policies and actions that ensure the availability of affordable, accessible and culturally appropriate contraceptive options globally. It enhances the voice of FIGO member societies and health care partners with education and research implementation. It also provides tools for our member societies to advocate for contraceptive access and promote capacity building to enhance contraceptive service delivery.

Committee Objectives

  • Raise the profile of FIGO and its potential as a global leader in women’s contraceptive care.
  • Use modern technology and communications strategies to educate health care partners and women on the full scope of contraceptive options. Contribute to the virtual FIGO resource library to be accessed by member societies.
  • Establish a visible role in contraceptive health policy to promote access to contraception and raise the status of women and girls globally.
  • Encourage collaboration with organisations that strive towards similar goals within member society countries.
  • Publish guidance on evidence-based contraceptive knowledge for member societies and other health care partners.

Committee Members


Dr Asha Kasliwal - United Kingdom


Dr Aparna Sridhar - Past-Chair - USA

Dr Cuauhtemoc Celis González - Mexico

Dr Wai-cheung Lam - Hong Kong

Dr Azra Ahsan - Pakistan

Dr Mabel Martino - Argentina

Professor Felix Momat - Congo

Associate Professor Helena Kopp Kallner - Sweden

WATOG Representative

Dr Sara Ooi - Australia 

Associate Members

Ms Nomi Fuchs-Montgomery - USA

Dr Anita Makins - Brazil

Ms Laura Raney - USA

Dr  Ian Askew - Kenya

Dr Nicole Tyson - USA

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