FIGO Strategic Plan 2021–2030: Goal 2

Enhance the status of all women, girls and families, enabling them to realise their full potential of education, sexual and reproductive rights, professional opportunities and personal wellbeing 

strategy goal 2

Through policy and advocacy, we will 

  • promote sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • promote menstrual hygiene management
  • promote access to safe abortion and contraception
  • raise the status of women and girls globally
  • promote well woman health care across the lifespan, from adolescence through maturity
  • advocate for gender equality as a basic human right
  • promote self-care.

Through our membership and partnerships, we will 

  • support efforts of member societies to champion FIGO’s goals and promote the status of women and girls
  • support women in leadership roles at all levels of FIGO
  • collaborate with representatives of organisations that have similar goals and platforms to enhance the health of women and girls globally
  • develop virtual training opportunities for our member societies to enable them to support the achievement of FIGO project, division and committee.
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