Committee for Human Rights, Refugees and Violence Against Women

Recognition, promotion and protection of girls' and women's human rights is critical, both globally and at country level. The Committee aims to raise awareness across professional networks of human rights-based healthcare assistance.

When the population at large actively participates in their own care, health outcomes improve. A world-wide international campaign for women’s health has been conceived by the FIGO Committee for Human Rights, Refugees and Violence Against Women, which aims to raise awareness regarding important areas of gynecology and obstetrics.

Committee members 2018 - 2021:

Professor Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson, Chair - Sweden
Dr Jan Elizabeth Cristilaw - Canada
Dr Mrs Taghreed Al Haidari - Iraq
Dr Miguel Gutierrez - Peru
Dr Marlene Temmerman - Belgium
Dr Hermantha Senanayaka - Sri Lanka 
Dr Atziri Ramirez - Mexico 

Subcommittee on Violence Against Women

Dr Rubina Sohail, Chair - Pakistan
Dr Diana Galimberti - Argentina
Dr Desiree Mostajo - Bolivia
Dr Claudia Garcia Moreno - Switzerland
Dr Shanta Kumari - India 

Subcommittee on Refugees

Pr Chiara Benedetto, Chair - Italy
Dr Sameena Chowdhury - Bangladesh
Dr Shaimaa Ibrahim - Iraq
Dr John Muganda Rwibasira - Rwanda
Dr Colleen Patricia McNicholas - USA

Committee publications