Family Planning

Kenya Exceeds Contraceptive Use Target

This year, new data from the Kenyan Ministry of Health showed that use of modern contraceptives in the country had reached 59%, surpassing their 2020 target of 58% two years early.

Adolescent health and development

Teenage marriage and adolescent pregnancy can have an adverse effect on girls' health and development...

Empowering Africa's young women

Investments made today in youth will determine the development trajectory of Africa over the next 50 years.

Reproductive Health should not be a Political Football

The Global Gag Rule challenges efforts to provide effective reproductive health and family planning services to women.

Family planning is a human right

The ability for women to choose how many children they want, and when they want to have them - if at all - is a human right.

Improving rights-based family planning

Hear from Lucy Asaba, Uganda, on the importance of investing in rights-based, multidimensional approaches to contraception in Uganda.

Dressing wounds and restoring dignity

On World Refugee Day, FIGO hears from surgeon Dr. Sayeba Akhter, Bangladesh.

Developing guidelines for family planning

FIGO recently completed the third round of dissemination workshops on Medical Eligibility Criteria and Selected Practice Recommendations for contraceptive use (MEC and SPR), in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The role of contraception within women’s rights

Earlier this month FIGO's Contraception Working Group met for two days at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offices in London...

Cross-country learning in Mumbai

Arefa Hossain Antora explains the value of the recent PPIUD Initiative workshop and the impact the project is having on women around the world.