Committee on Menstrual Disorders and Related Health Impacts

The Committee on Menstrual Disorders and Related Health Impacts focuses on the set of symptoms described as non-gestational abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), including heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB). It looks at the various causes of AUB and their related health impacts, such as iron deficiency (ID) and ID anaemia (IDA), which affect at least 30% of women worldwide.

An increased global awareness of ID and IDA is required, as it is associated with major health impacts, not only in non-pregnant women of reproductive age, but in pregnancy and for newborns who may suffer long-term adverse effects as a consequence of maternal ID.  

The committee is in charge of maintaining, revising and developing systems to aid in the identification and characterisation of women with these symptoms, including sub-classification systems for the spectrum of causes of AUB. These systems aim to support clinicians and researchers in their work.

Committee Members


Dr Ally Murji - Canada


Dr Hilary Critchley - Past Chair - UK

Professor Jason Abbott - Australia

Dr Rishma Dhillon Pai - India

Dr Sarah Maheux-Lacroix - Canada

Dr Kristen Matteson - USA

Dr Ilza Montero - Brazil

Dr Essam Othman - Egypt

WATOG representative

Dr Sofia Tsiapakidou - Greece

Associate Members

Professor Yasushi Hirota - Japan

Professor Malcolm Munro - USA

Professor Wiryawan Permadi - Indonesia

Dr Francisco Ruiloba - WATOG - Mexico

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