Committee on Well Woman Health Care

The purpose of the Committee on Well Woman Health Care is to prevent illness and promote wellness for girls and women throughout their life course, worldwide. Advocacy, provision of clinical guidance and toolkits for healthcare professionals and raising awareness of the general population on healthy lifestyles, timely consultations with healthcare professionals, screening and early diagnosis, will be the pillars of its actions.  

Its ultimate aim is that of strengthening FIGO’s role as the global voice of women’s health in unison with all FIGO Committees and Divisions. 

Committee Objectives 

  • Promote the health and wellness of girls and women across the lifetime, modelled on the global FIGO Well Woman Health Care programme, through position papers, checklists for healthcare professionals, webinars and e-certification courses. 
  • Enhance the quality of health care, through capacity building, leveraging digital technology, with a special focus on low- and middle-income countries. 
  • Connect and collaborate with the other FIGO Committees on a “Women’s health is nations’ wealth” campaign, to empower the population at large. The campaign would aim at raising awareness on girls and women’s health issues, with a special focus on prevention, across the lifetime, through various initiatives and activities.       
  • Advocate that governments and stakeholders support policies and health systems which are gender-responsive and based on a life-course approach, breaking barriers and taboos, to prioritize the health and wellbeing of girls and women, reducing health inequality worldwide. 

Investing in girls and women’s health can have a positive impact on society as a whole and future generations. Prevention across the life-course can make the difference. Our Committee will strive to meet the challenge of improving women’s health, during their lifetime, through advocacy, capacity building of health care providers and information campaigns for the general population to provide girls and women with the knowledge they need to take an active part in looking after their own health and wellbeing, the world over. 

Professor Chiara Benedetto

Committee Members


Professor Chiara Benedetto - Chair - Italy


Dr Hema Divakar - Past-Chair - India

Dr Tesfaye Hurissa - Ethopia

Dr Paola Iturralde - Mexico

Dr Gelila Goba - USA

Dr Méabh Ní Bhuinneáin - Ireland

Professor Gulshan Ara - Bangladesh

Dr Suvarna Khadilkar - India

Dr Christian Jackisch - Germany

Professor Ahmed Fawzy Galal - Egypt

Associate Members

Dr Diana Ramos, USA

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