Committee on Women's Cancer

This committee delineates and promotes primary prevention (vaccination), screening, diagnosis, staging, treatment and palliative care of gynecological cancers (cervical, endometrial, ovarian, vaginal, vulvar) through staging and other guidelines, advocacy, education, research and capacity building. It collaborates with the Committee on Well Woman Health and Care to frame screening strategies for other cancers, including breast. 

Committee Objectives

  • Review and revise staging for all gynaecological cancers as advancing research and practice dictates, with special attention to endometrial cancer.
  • Expand collaboration with global and regional organisations (including the World Health Organization [WHO] and other international women’s cancer organisations and groups) to promote education regarding gynaecological cancers, with a particular focus on symposia, presentations and publications regarding cervical cancer elimination, palliative care, and endometrial cancer treatment and staging.
  • Oversee and assist the Pilot Project to Eliminate Cervical Cancer and support local and global collaboration to achieve WHO objectives.
  • Ongoing publication of guidance and staging for all aspects of gynaecologic cancer management.
  • Advocacy and development of innovative methods for ensuring access to staging and other materials in all resource settings.

The dedicated work of our FIGO Women’s Cancer Committee has a worldwide impact on all aspects of women’s cancer. As the responsible body for the staging of gynaecological malignancies, we facilitate the standard approach to classifying and treating these diseases.

Through our active promotion of and advocacy for women’s cancer screening, prevention and educational programmes, we seek to reduce the morbidity and mortality rates for these cancers in women throughout the world, with special consideration for those in under-resourced countries and regions. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of women’s cancers and the suffering and death that these diseases cause.

– Professor Jonathan Berek, Committee Chair

Committee Members


Professor Jonathan Berek, USA


Professor Sean Kehoe, UK – Past Chair 

Dr Muna Abdulrazak Tahlak, United Arab Emirates – Ex Officio

Dr Orla M. McNally, Australia

Dr Rene Pareja, Colombia

Professor Giovanni Scambia, Italy

Professor Aikou Okamoto, Japan

Dr Rose Anorlu, Nigeria

Professor Gerhard Lindeque, South Africa

Professor Sarikapan Wilailak, Thailand

Professor Barbara Schmalfeldt, Germany

Dr Tali Pomerantz, USA – WATOG

Associate Members

Dr Carien Creutzberg, Netherlands

Dr Xavier Mattias-Guiu, Spain

Dr Christina Fotopoulou, UK

Dr Joanna Cain, USA

Dr David Mutch, USA

Subcommittee on Endometrial Cancer

Dr Jonathan Berek, USA – Committee Chair

Dr Nicole Concin, Austria

Dr Carien Creutzberg, Netherlands

Dr Christina Fotopoulou, UK

Dr David Gaffney, USA 

Professor Sean Kehoe, UK

Dr Kristina Lindemann, Norway

Dr Xavier Matias-Guiu, Spain 

Dr David Mutch, USA

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