Committee on Obstetric Fistula

With around 2 million women living with obstetric fistula globally, the Committee on Obstetric Fistula is committed to reducing the suffering caused by this devastating, neglected condition and other childbirth-related injuries.

The committee achieves this through the promotion of preventative methods, training and continued support for service providers to increase the availability and accessibility of high-quality treatment so that more women receive timely and life-changing surgical repairs and holistic care. 

The committee supports FIGO’s Fistula Surgery Training Initiative, which focuses on building the capacity of trainee fistula surgeons – ‘FIGO Fellows’ – and multidisciplinary teams in fistula-affected countries.

Committee Objectives

  • Providing ad-hoc support to FIGO’s Fistula Surgery Training Initiative
  • Technically advising qualified fistula surgeons to maintain and increase their clinical services and run fistula treatment initiatives
  • Raising awareness about obstetric fistula and promoting effective prevention methods and holistic obstetric fistula care through advocacy and partnerships
  • Promoting evidence-based clinical practice in the treatment of obstetric fistula by initiating and facilitating clinical and social research
  • Producing FIGO Fistula Guidelines and educational resources in partnership with the Fistula Surgery Training Initiative’s Expert Advisory Group and Project Team

Committee Members


Dr Rachel Pope, USA 



Dr Andrew Browning, Australia – Past Chair

Dr Jeanne Conry, USA – Ex Officio

Dr Fekade Ayenachew, Ethiopia

Dr Shershah Syed, Pakistan

Dr Hillary Mabeya, Kenya

Dr Peter Majinge, Tanzania

Dr Ferry Boekhorst, Netherlands – WATOG

Associate Members

Dr Charles Rochat, Switzerland

Dr Itengre Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso

Ms Gillian Slinger, UK

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