Committee on Urogynaecology and Pelvic Floor Disorders

Urogynaecological or pelvic floor disorders encompass a wide range of conditions spanning the life spectrum. Notable among these are pelvic organ prolapse, urinary and faecal incontinence, pelvic trauma, sexual dysfunction and some malformations.

As childbirth is often implicated, pelvic floor disorders have been considered a natural consequence of childbearing, ageing, or both. In many cultures, women do not seek treatment for these conditions despite their adverse impact on quality of life. The Committee on Urogynaecology and Pelvic Floor Disorders was created to articulate the issues related to pelvic health and bring the silent challenges faced by women and girls to the fore.

Committee Objectives

The Committee seeks to:  

  • educate practitioners and patients about the various types of conditions under its purview
  • create awareness on the various modalities of treatment available for the conditions
  • liaise with national societies to advocate for enhanced training of obstetricians and gynaecologists to provide the highest quality of care for the women and girls with pelvic floor conditions
  • review available evidence to inform practice recommendations and guidance.

The committee will advocate for equitable care for all women and girls with pelvic floor conditions and strive to improve women’s pelvic floor health through setting standards, education, training and supporting urogynaecologists throughout the world.   

– Dr Gabriel Yao-Kumah Ganyaglo, Committee Chair

Committee Members


Dr Gabriel Yao-Kumah Ganyaglo, Ghana


Dr Willy Davila, USA – Past Chair

Professor Philippe Descamps, France – Ex Officio

Dr Magali Robert, Canada

Dr Paul Swart, South Africa

Dr Lan Zhu, China

Dr Swati Jha, UK

Dr Masa Koyama, Japan

Professor Marair Sartori, Brazil

Professor Christl Reisenaur, Germany

Professor Ganesh Dangal, Nepal

Dr Charlotte Polle, Kenya

Dr Sofia Tsiapakidou, Greece – WATOG

Associate Members

Dr Brooke Gurland, USA

Dr Bary Berghmans, Netherlands

Dr Dudley Robinson, UK

Professor Stefano Salvatore, Italy

Professor Judith Goh, Australia

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