Committee for Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health

chaired by Professor Gerry Visser

Members 2015-2018:

Professor Gerard H A Visser - Chair, the Netherlands

Professor William Stones  - Past Chair, Kenya

Professor Gian Carlo Di Renzo  - Ex officio, Italy

Dr Diogo Ayres De Campos, Portugal

Dr P K Shah, India

Dr Maria Fernanda Escobar, Colombia

Dr Wanda Nicholson, USA

Dr Anwar Nassar, Lebanon

Dra Isabel Lloyd, Panama

Dr Luming Sun, China

Dr Gerhard Theron, South Africa

Dr Eytan Barnea, USA

Dr Salimah Walani (March of Dimes), Ex officio, USA

Dr Luc de Bernis (UNFPA),  Ex officio, Geneva


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