Division of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Wellbeing – September 2022 update

Division Director: Dr Ivonne Diaz 

This division has been working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to update the safe abortion guidelines. They have also participated in the working plan with PMNCH. Otherwise, the division has participated in a number of congresses, including the congress of IFFS in April 2022, and the congress on new technologies in reproductive medicine during the congress WHII in Tel Aviv which took place 9-10 July. 

Webinars and online learning  

To mark World Contraception Day and International Safe Abortion Day, the committees on safe abortion and contraception are holding a joint webinar in September 2022 on the topics of abortion and post-abortion contraception. The division also hosted a webinar with FLASOG on reproductive rights as human rights in July 2022, and are planning to partner with the African region for their next webinar. 


The division has submitted sessions for the 2023 World Congress in Paris, and reaffirms its participation for both the 2022 FIGO Latin America Regional Congress in Colombia. 

Committee on Contraception 

Committee Chair: Dr Aparna Sridhar 

The committee recently put together an essay competition for trainees of our member societies as well as members of the World Association of Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (WATOG). The essay is on the topic of “Innovations in contraception for global reproductive health”. The competition has now closed and the winning essay will be published on the FIGO website in time for World Contraception Day on 26 September.  

The committee is also in the process of finishing the development of FIGOs first ever podcast series, focused on adolescent contraception.  


They are working towards some clinical guidance documents with the IJGO, which will be in production by early 2023. 

Webinars and online learning  

Their webinar planned for the month of September in collaboration with Committee on Safe Abortion will be on the topic of Abortion and Post-abortion Contraception: Challenges and Opportunities.  


At the Cartagena Regional Congress, the committee will present sessions focused on contraception and reproductive health. 

Committee on Safe Abortion 

Committee Chair: Dr Teresa Bombas 

On 2 June 2022, Dr Laura Gil, Vice Chair of the committee, represented FIGO at the Honduran Constitutional Court to present the Amicus Curiae with scientific evidence in favour of the decriminalisation of abortion in cases of risk to the life or health of women and girls. The committee will also present a session "Abortion as a reproductive right" at the 14th FIAPAC Conference taking place 8-10 September 2022, Riga, Latvia, as well as a joint session in collaboration with the Committee on Women Facing Crises: Human Rights, Refugees and Violence Against Women. 

Their next endeavour will consist of updating, in accordance with the new WHO guidelines, the Misoprostol Dosage Chart (2017). 


The committee has been involved in a number of FIGO Statements since the start of its term. Some of the work includes: as the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, global health care organisations call on all governments to defend access to safe and quality abortion care. They have also worked on a joint statement support for sexual and reproductive health education for all medical school students FIGO, IFMSA and WATOG as well as a statement on self-care of medical abortion. 

Finally, in collaboration with the Committee on Women Facing Crisis, the committee is currently working on a joint statement on abortion in conflict and humanitarian settings.

Webinars and online learning 

The committee’s webinar is scheduled for 15 September 2022 on the topic of "Abortion and post-abortion contraception: challenges and opportunities", and is in collaboration with the Committee on Contraception. 

Committee on Reproductive Medicine, Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) 

Chair: Dr Jaideep Malhotra 

The Committee on REI is currently working on creating awareness for the public through their FIGO Fertility Awareness Initiative. This will include infographics, podcasts on fertility, engaging influencers on social media, and working on campaigns for international fertility days. Jaideep Malhotra, Committee Chair, is also representing FIGO in the PMNCH Accountability Group. 


The committee is currently in the process of publishing a book on fertility preservation as a special section of IJGO. They are also working on a FIGO Statement on Fertility Preservation, and collaborating on a joint statement on the impact of obesity on male and female fertility with the Committee on Impact of Pregnancy on Long-term Health. 

Webinars and online learning 

The committee on REI has been developing two masterclass series. The first one, "Developing a better understanding of PCOS" is currently under way with its third episode released in July 2022. Their second masterclass series in collaboration with the Committee on Well Woman Health and Care is entitled "Understanding the less understood". It released its first episode on preterm labour in July 2022, and second episode on recurrent pregnancy loss in August 2022. 

In June 2022, the Committee on REI also delivered a webinar on "Infertility management in low-resource settings" in collaboration with SAFOG (South Asian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists). During the webinar they launched the Fertility Education Global Partnership Initiative to support fertility support staff.  

The committee’s FIGO Global Webinar will be taking place in June 2023.