Working Group on Breast Disease

Chaired by ​Professor Dr Christine Solbach

Members 2018-2021:

Professor Dr Christine Solbach, MD, PhD - Chair, Germany (Board member DGGG and President of the Working Group on Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery in OBGYN/Senology of DGGG)

Professor Abou-Dakn – Germany

Dr Gustavo Ferreiro Delgado – Uruguay

Dr Nestor Garello – Argentina

Dr Wadih Ghaname – Lebanon

Dr Minoru Irahara – Japan

Dr Sibone Mocumbi – Mozambique

Professor Mark Pearlman – USA

Professor Anton Scharl – Germany

Dr Tarini Taneja – India 

Dr Carlos Fuchtner – Ex officio


Breast disease and associated complications in the area of lactation or sex features represent a major public health issue that affects not only the health of adolescents and women, but also that of future generations. Addressing the international variability of education and responsibility in breast disease, FIGO takes the lead in the distribution of treatment recommendations and bringing together scientists in the different areas of work dealing with breast disease.

Moving its work forward, the FIGO Working Group will endeavour to disseminate and implement the recommendations by designing and developing project activities and providing technical expertise and oversight to them.

The Working Group will deliver targeted activities, mainly in the areas of advocacy and capacity building and training in the future.

Immediate activities this year:

  • Survey FIGO member societies
  • Mapping of the global research activity 
  • Keyword-related summery of existing international high evidence guidelines

Upcoming events:


  • Mastalgia  - etiology and treatment
  • Mastitis puerperalis
  • Stem cells in breast milk  - impact on maternal and neonatal health
  • State of the art in medical treatment of breast disease
  • State of the art in breast surgery 

Donor: DGGG in 2018

Project contact: [email protected].de


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