Committee for Reproductive Medicine, Endocrinology and Infertility

chaired by Dr Edgar Mocanu










Members 2015-2018:

Dr Edgar Mocanu - Chair, Ireland

Professor Dov Feldberg  - Co-Chair, Israel

Dr David Adamson  - Past Chair, USA

Professor Chittaranjan Purandare - Ex officio, India

Dr Nona Mishieva, Russia

Dr Jaideep Malhotra, India

Professor Silke Dyer, South Africa

Dr Fernando Zegers, Chile

Dr Zev Rosenwaks, USA

Professor Ernest Ng, Hong Kong

Dr James Kiarie, WHO

View the Committee's Publications

•    Surgical procedures in ART – Pitfalls
•    Endometriosis: medical and surgical management of pain and infertility
•    A rights based approach to the burden of infertility 
•    The FIGO Fertility Toolbox ™
•    When to refer for ART
•    OHSS prevention