Developed world fertility rates 'picking up'

After an almost 30-year slump, fertility rates are on the rise again in the western world, it has been reported.

Female egg donors 'should be paid'

There is currently a shortage of egg donors in the UK, a situation which is unlikely to change unless incentives are offered, it has been reported.

UK scientists claim human sperm creation

Scientists in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, claim to have created human sperm in laboratory conditions.

Antenatal education classes 'vital for multiple birth parents'

Mothers expecting multiple pregnancy twins or more must be fully informed about all aspects of their care throughout the pregnancy, it has been claimed.

Blood markers 'hint at IVF success chance'

Irish researchers say markers in the blood can give a strong indicator as to whether it is worth particular couples investing in fertility treatment.

Funding cuts 'restricting family planning success'

Declining levels of funding are making it difficult to provide contraception to women in poor African communities, according to the United Nation's Population Fund (UNFPA).

Discarded fallopian tubes 'may help stem cell research'

Brazilian researchers have claimed that discarded human fallopian tubes can prove to be a rich source of stem cells.

Japanese population falls despite fertility rate rise

Japan's fertility rate has risen for the third year in a row but remains the lowest in the developed world, it has been announced.

Knowledge 'vital' for IVF parents

People undergoing fertility treatment need full counselling about all of the risks involved, it has been claimed.

'Higher risks' for IVF twins

Twins who are born using fertility treatment have a higher risk of hospital admission than twins who are conceived naturally, it has been reported.