Working Group on Challenges in the Care of Mothers and Infants during Labour and Delivery

chaired by Dr Roberto Romero   











Members 2015-2018

Dr Roberto Romero  - Chair, USA

Professor Gian Carlo Di Renzo  - Ex officio, Italy

Professor Chittaranjan Purandare, Ex officio, India

Dr Agustin Conde-Agudelo, Columbia

Professor Tony Duan,China

Professor Dan Farine, Canada

Dr Maria Teresa Gervasi, Italy

Professor Tadashi Kimura, Japan

Dr Yami Leo,  South Korea

Dr Jack Lukmio, Peru

Dr Jose M Palacios de Jaraquemada, Argentina

Professor Michael Robson, Ireland

Dr Sergio Rosales, Mexico

Dr Susanna Timonen, Finland

Mr David Bloomer (GLOWM) - Ex officio, UK

Dr Michael Stark (NESA) - Ex officio, Germany

Professor Gerard Visser  - Ex officio, Netherlands 


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