Working Group for Good Clinical Practice in Maternal-Foetal Medicine

chaired by Professor Gian Carlo Di Renzo 

Dr Gian Carlo Di Renzo


Members 2015-2018:                                       

Professor Gian Carlo Di Renzo - Chair, Italy     

Professor Eduardo Fonseca, Brazil                     

Dr Carlos Fuchtner - Ex officio, Bolivia  

Dr Eduardo Gratacos, Spain                     

Dr Sonia Hassan, USA                  

Dr Mark Kurtser, Russia    

Dr Fergal Malone, Ireland 

Dr Shilpa Nambiar, Malaysia        

Professor Kypros Nicolaides, UK 

Dr Nancy Sierra, Mexico     

Professor Huixia Yang,China                  

Dr Vincenzo Berghella (SMFM), USA                

Professor Mark Hanson (Chair  - Working Group on Adolescent, Preconception and Maternal Nutrition) - Ex officio, UK   

Professor Moshe Hod (Chair - Working Group on Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy) - Ex officio, Israel/Europe           

Dr Joe Leigh Simpson (March of Dimes), Ex officio, USA             

Dr Yves Ville (ISUOG), Ex officio, France                 

Professor Gerard Visser (Chair - SMNH Committee),  Ex officio, Netherlands   


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